Fabric Fantastic

My first batch of fabric came in from Spoonflower. I am so excited about it I can’t stand myself.  Here’s a pic of the four I currently have for sale:

The Zagged Zig fabric at Spoonflower.

My pretty, pretty fabric (fat quarters) after washing.

I have mixed feelings about washing it. Spoonflower has very precise instructions on washing the Kona cotton premium quilting weight: don’t wash with phosphates. (I washed them with All Free & Clear, which says it is phosphorus free on the bottle.)  Washing most definitely improved the feel. When I louped the fabric (yes, I looked at it with a loupe – what?), I noticed that you could see the weave of the fabric. It’s barely noticeable with the naked eye, but it’s there.  So there is some color loss when you wash the fabric. Oh, it’s still bright and the color doesn’t change or lighten, but there is a loss from parts of the weave that results in a “fabric” texture in the print.

I’ve decided to use that texture as a design feature in future prints. And really, I’ve bought fabric at Joann’s that faded horribly – not just a textural thing, but a whole color change. This is why I always wash fabric I buy from Joann’s before I even put it in my stash. Looks like I’ll be pre-washing my Spoonflower fabric, too.

I changed the scale of the green and blue wavy stripe fabric after getting the fat quarter sample. It’s now the same scale as the grey and blue wavy stripe.

I love the colors. Seriously. Is there anything that shouts SUMMER more than grass green and bright robin’s egg blue? I can’t think of anything.

I love the fabric feel. I can’t stress enough the importance of how a fabric feels. This was my biggest concern with ordering fabric online. Seriously. Long before I began to worry about how my design would translate to fabric. Long before I worried about color palettes or trend or color fastness or scale or pattern repeats or OMG will anyone actually buy my fabric? I worried about how the fabric would feel.

In fabric stores, I touch everything. I don’t care how pretty the print is or how cheap the store has marked it, if it doesn’t feel good, I’m not buying it. So getting the fabric home and touching it was a huge milestone in this process.

I ordered the fabric swatches from Spoonflower before I submitted my designs; before printing, the swatches felt great. I knew that the feel of the fabric would change once they printed something on it. It did, and not for the better. But the fabric went back to its former wonderful feel after washing.

[That sound you just heard? That wasn't the wind; it was my sigh of relief... it was so great that you heard it from way over there where you are, wherever there is.]

All in all, I love everything about Spoonflower’s fabric and the design process. I can’t wait to get more beautiful fabric I’ve designed.

Now, the real question is: what do I make with my gorgeous summer fabric?

Well, OK. I can too think of something that shouts SUMMER as loud as grass green and robin’s egg blue: tomatoes. Yum. Tomatoes.

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