Painting Day Lilies

I’m working on a new collection of fabric. At first I thought it was going to be part of the Painted Flower collection. But I’m thinking it’s going to have its own collection of prints. I’m super-excited about it. Here’s a peak peek at my progress.

A peak at the new fabulous purple and olive day lily print fabric at fig+fence.

Incomplete and rough around the edges, but pretty.

I really love olive and purple together. It’s so difficult to find a good, deep purple in the fabric store. And in the department stores? Most every item is coral, black, or pale neutral. Which is fine. Neutrals are great, black is wonderful, but I am heartily sick of coral. So, for my own peace of mind (and also for my own non-homogeneous closet/stash wishes), I’m working on a deep, lush purple print.

I’ve also been sewing a top. I’ll post pictures of it soon and I think there’s going to be a pattern review out of it.

Also, I’m going to do a Monster Pin Cushion Tutorial. Because what the world needs is one more pin cushion tutorial.

UPDATE: Just when you’re feeling smug about knowing the difference between it’s and its, someone points out to you the difference between peak and peek.  Oy.

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