Alternately titled: Oh Thimble, Where Art Thou? 

I’ve been beading the koi wall hanging crazy-mad these past few days. And somehow, I don’t know how, I forgot to use a thimble. At first, I didn’t even notice. I’ve been hand quilting for years and my fingertips on certain fingers are tough. Still, after repeated abuse, my fingertip finally objected. And that’s when I noticed the lack of thimble.

Using a thimble now is no-go; that fingertip is too swollen and tender to fit in even my largest thimble. So, the koi is on hold until I can fit my finger in a thimble without hurting. I was making such progress, too!

The koi wall hanging at fig+fence by Janet Millsapps.

I'm still really happy with the free motion quilting. Not perfect, but pretty stinkin' good. (The yellow in the picture isn't part of the wall hanging; it's the ottoman under the wall hanging.)

Binding on. Lotsa beads around the koi. Some beads in the large swirls – that’s the part that’s incomplete. Oh, well. Next time I’ll remember the thimble ’cause seriously? Ouch.

While I’m nursing my abused digit, I have other projects waiting in the wings. Up next: I’m covering two balsa wood boxes.

Covering balsa wood boxes with paper at fig+fence.

I'm very into butterflies right now. Don't know why.

Covering balsa wood boxes with paper at fig+fence.

It's a whole lotta pink there. I'm distressing it with brown and black later, so it won't be quite as pinkerific when I'm done.

The boxes and papers are from Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby.

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3 thoughts on “Owowowoweee

    • Thanks! My poor finger isn’t red today, at least. Hopefully It’ll be done soon.

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