The Studio

See how fancy I am? I don’t have a craft room; I have a studio. That just makes me giggle.

The fig+fence studio.
Stu-stu-studio!* Also, it’s important to stay hydrated in the studio, as shown by the large red adult-sized sippy cup. 

I’ve decided that the studio is going to be an ongoing project. I can’t just drop everything to get it perfect.

For one thing, it’ll never be perfect – it’s a working craft room studio. I’m going to be constantly in there making a mess. Because that’s how I create.

For another thing, I’m going to be constantly in there rearranging. Because that’s how I obsess. I know me well; all of those cubby holes are going to call loud and I’m going to want to organize. So I might as well save time now and let it be while it is and I am still reasonably sane. I’ll have fun organizing later.

Those cubbies are the Martha Stewart ones from Home Depot. It’s made up of two of the nine-hole type and four of the six-hole type.

In other news, the digit is healed! Back to beading the koi…

*Apologies to Phil Collins.

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