At Dragons Gate

I finished the koi wall hanging!

At Dragons Gate by Janet Millsapps at fig+fence.

"At Dragons Gate"

I’m so happy with it, I’m silly.

At Dragons Gate by Janet Millsapps at fig+fence.

Tail detail: some of the beads swirl out onto the black area.

He’s so pretty.  I love the way the beads turned out, though it is a little hard to see them in the pics.

At Dragons Gate by Janet Millsapps at fig+fence.

Head detail: his eye is a sodalite coin bead.

His whiskers are hand embroidered.

I’m really happy with how detailed the appliqued curves turned out. Sometimes you can lose depth when appliqueing a deep concave curve. Also, the tight convex curves didn’t turn out all pointy – another common problem with appliqueing.  I really like this machine applique method even though it does use twice as much fabric as the traditional hand applique method. Though, I don’t have to buy the heat resistant plastic template material with this method.

All in all, I’m thrilled!

I’ll explain the legend of the koi in another post. I’ll post a pic of the back plate then, too; I was so excited about finishing, I completely forgot to take a picture of that.

2 thoughts on “At Dragons Gate

  1. This is very cool! The beading really adds dimension to the water. I’m curious…which appliqué method did you use?

  2. Thanks!

    You probably know this method, but I don’t know what it’s called, so I’ll explain it. My sewing machine applique method:
    1. I lightly traced the pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric to be appliqued using a permanent pen.
    2. I sandwiched that piece to another of the same fabric (unmarked), right sides together.
    3. Using my machine, I sewed along the outline I traced in step 1.
    4. I cut a slit in the backing fabric (the one I did not trace on) and turned it right side out.
    5. I ironed the seams flat and appliqued the piece to the background fabric using a straight stitch on my machine along the edge.

    It’s the first time I machine appliqued anything, and I goofed a little – somehow my fish came out backwards. Still not certain how I did that! I think it had to do with how I traced the pieces on the back of the fabric…