The Easy Friday List, November 2

Every seven days it happens. Yet somehow it remains both unexpected and inevitable. Yes today friends, we’ve been struck by an Easy Friday List.

[I write this somewhat tongue-in-cheek: It's been more than seven days since my last Easy Friday List. I am shameless; this is my burden to bear. I share it with you because I think it's funny.]

Hello topic! These are the items that have made my life easier during the last week. Maybe they can make your life easier, too. Friday should be easy!

Coffee makers: I have a cheapo 12 cup Mr Coffee drip thingie. I cannot live without it. Particularly these days, with the Big Election and Big Weather, I’m all but glued to the TV and I need the caffeine to keep me going.

Cell Phones: They keep you in touch with friends and family. And until you can’t get in touch with a friend or family member during a Big Event, you don’t realize how important and easy they make your life, even when there isn’t a Big Event going on.

New Sneakers: I am now officially old. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I could wear whatever cheapo shoe I wanted and feel perfectly fine. Those days are over. I need comfy supportive shoes or everything hurts. And finding comfy supportive shoes that don’t look like something a doctor would prescribe? Almost impossible.

Hancock’s of Paducah: Online fabric store – if you know what you want, it’s amazing, particularly if it’s on sale. They have fabulous sales!

Spoonflower: I sell fabric here. I also now sell wallpaper! The Brick Flower Queen is calling my name in that wallpaper… Also, I’ve entered another contest. This is a big one; if you have an account with Spoonflower, you can vote. Here’s a low resolution view of part of my entry. Flash Gordon golden age comics were my inspiration.

Be My Hero

Every intergalactic hero needs a raygun!

The theme is Be My Hero and it is supposed to be designed for boys ages 6-12. I was never a boy, aged anything, and I had trouble with this one. My first design was way too baby boy. And this one, I think, reads a little older. Also, it doesn’t seem like it is just “boy” fabric. I think a girl would like this, too. At least, I would have liked this when I was a girl.

I like it as a woman… I’m thinking about making a tote out of it, after designing a coordinating fabric for the interior lining. And shyeah, I know: I have often said that I have the taste buds of a 11 year old boy. Proof?

Anyway, if you like my fabric design, go vote for it!

One thought on “The Easy Friday List, November 2

  1. Hey, you can vote even if you don’t have a Spoonflower Account. I just did without signing in.