My Bad

There’s a lesson in this: never brag about warm Winter weather. Mea culpa.

Where's a blowtorch when you need one?

Anticipated tonight in north Georgia…

Northern north Georgia already has some Wintery mess and schools have closed early. Here in southern north Georgia (in the north metro-Atlanta area), we have some ice on trees. I’m charging cell phones, batteries, tablet, and 3DS as I write. (Icy trees + Georgia = power outages)

As expected: toilet paper, milk, and bread are already scarce in some locations. Probably scarce, but not reported: beer. Georgians know how to prepare (at the last minute) for a Winter weather event that will probably amount to nothing. I hope.

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One thought on “My Bad

  1. You got your wish! Sometimes I’m thankful for weathermen who can’t seem to get southern weather right.