How to Crochet a Scarf…

…without really trying.

Alternate Title: The Woes, The Trials, The Tribulations, and The Pain of a Hard Drive Failure.

Sinus medication helps.  It doesn’t help the computer when it dies, but it helps you if, by coincidence, you are suffering from a serious sinus thing when the computer dies. When you mess up a sewing project – irreparably – the very same weekend that your sinuses pain you and your computer deserts you, every little bit helps.

I’m not superstitious. I’m not. But I think for now, it’s best if I step away from the sewing machine and the computer… and go a little more low tech.

So. Yarn. Crochet hook. Vanna White.

What could go wrong?

I know: Famous. Last. Words.

Crocheting a scarf at fig+fence.

Low tech… except for the occasional Rayman Origins game on Wii.

I’ll review the scarf instruction booklet later.