Stuffed Pumpkin

I love pumpkins. Pumpkin anything. Pumpkin everything. Pumpkin this. Pumpkin that. All pumpkin, all the time. Every Fall, it’s an obsession.

It’s only natural, then, that my daily fabric obsession would meet my Autumnal pumpkin obsession and make friends.

A stuffed fabric pumpkin!

Flowers are for Fall, too!

My fabric and pumpkin obsessions are well acquainted.

Many stuffed fabric pumpkins!

Lots of stuffed fabric pumpkins!

Best friends, even. I’ve  introduced them to my lesser embroidery obsession.

Many stuffed fabric pumpkins!

This is the detail of the embroidery in the background. It’s a design from Crabapple Hill called Autumn’s Harvest Pumpkin #304.

They all get along swell.

Imaginary obsession play-dates aside, I’ve been busy with Thanksgiving preparation. And by “preparation ” I mean “cleaning”.

We’re having a smallish Thanksgiving, just immediate family. Which will be great, but will still require the dining room table. When you use the dining room table as a work station, work gets interrupted when you need the dining room table for, you know, dining. So the dining room is getting fancied up. And the dining room table is getting cleared. And I’m counting our cranberry sauce cans carefully so that we have enough.

We have much to the thankful for this year. I hope that your Thanksgiving is just as blessed as ours is sure to be.

See you later, in the Christmas season! [Christmas Day is about a month away. Don't PANIC!]

Woe Upon the Saucy Apron

Agony, I tell you. Agony.

I have the apron at about 90% completion. I’m terribly happy with the look of it, but not quite as thrilled at the execution. This project had two firsts for me: it was the first time I painted on fabric and the first time I free-motion machine quilted. Neither turned out to be as easy as I expected.

The paint… I used Tulip’s Soft fabric paint I bought at Micheal’s and butcher paper as a stencil. After I finished dabbing the paint on with a sponge, I noticed that the fabric was wrinkled where I was painting. I’m not sure why. I ironed it before I began and it wasn’t that way when I started painting. So, the wrinkle is a permanent part of the apron fabric now that the paint has dried. I’m making a similar apron for Mom and I’m going to try a different stenciling method with the wax paper. If I can figure out what I did wrong and (hopefully) what I’ll do right, I’ll post a tutorial here.

The free-motion machine quilting… Oy. Next time I buy a sewing machine, it must have two things: it must have a large (or, even better, extra-large) table and it must be able to stop with the needle up or down (as I choose). My machine does neither and I’m really feeling it now that I’m free-motion quilting. What was a minor inconvenience before is a real pain in the ass now. I mean, I expected the work to be imperfect – first time and all. But I didn’t expect it to be so onerous for lack of proper machinery. Eh, something else to put on the wish list. (Next time, I’m not buying a sewing machine made by a company that also makes refrigerators. Just saying.)

All in all, I mutter an indistinct “meh” on the whole crafting concept.

On to lighter things! I give you an embroidered rooster:

The rooster wall hanging I made for Dad last Christmas.

He’s pretty. He’s prettier up close.

I embroidered the rooster by hand and crazy quilted around him.

He’d be even prettier here, except that I still can’t figure out what’s going on with my camera. Pbbbt.

Today, I yell a defiant “MEH!” to technology in general. MEH, I tell you.