I blog about a lot of different products and occasionally I link to a few.

If you buy something from my Spoonflower shop or my Cafe Press shop, I’ll get a portion of the profits. Otherwise, I don’t make a penny from anything I mention. I pay for all of the products, tools, materials, and anything else I may mention. Nothing I make or use is sponsored or provided by anyone.

If any of that ever changes, I’ll change this disclaimer and make a note of it in a post.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having sponsors. Hey, I’d love sponsors! I just want to make sure that everyone knows what’s going on behind the scenes around here… that I’m not secretly accepting fabric from XYZ Fabric Company and telling you how fab it is without you understanding that I got it free from XYZ Fabric Company. I don’t get fabric for free. (I WISH someone would help subsidize my little fabric addiction.) I even have to pay for my own Spoonflower fabric. Alas.

If you want to sponsor my little fabric addiction, my contact information is on my About Me page.

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