The Hard Chair Blues

Hard dining room chairs aren’t really meant for long sewing sessions.

I’ve been sewing so much lately that I’m killing my back. I’m trying to improve my posture as I sew and type, but the lack of lower back support in the craft room (at the dining room table) isn’t helping my posture. So I made a pillow cover.

Oh, I’ve been using a pillow at my lower back, but the stinking thing moves and shifts and falls and by the time I’ve sewn for an hour, I’m so frustrated by it that I’ve thrown it on the floor. End result: I’m slumped over the sewing machine once more, frustrated by both my lower back aches and the stupid pillow.

My solution was to make a standard 18″ decorative pillow cover and add ties to the side so I could tie it to the back rails of the chair. Here’s a picture of my sewing area with the pillow in place:

Pretty, pretty pain relief. (I love long fringe on pillows.)

It closes in the back with Velcro so I can wash the thing when I spill something on it. I will spill something on it. I’ve learned that it pays to plan for that which is inevitable. Thus, there is the opening in the back so I won’t have to wash the pillow form terribly often. Because that pillow cover? It’ll be washed weekly. I know these things.