Here Comes the Sun

I hope.

Alternate Title: In which I curse, agonize over paint chips, and inhale powdery things one is not meant to inhale. Cough.

So I’m painting the bathroom. To accurately sum my thoughts on the whole process thus far, I’ve sketched a quick picture.


If it could go wrong, it did. And I don’t know why. I planned. I plotted. I diagrammed. I had lists, for crying out loud. Multiple. Lists. I had check lists. For naught, it appears.

Had I known what was in store for me, I would have had a completely different, more accurate check list. It would have gone something like this:

Remove decor from bathroom: Check.

Agonize over paint chips: Check.

Sand walls: Check.

Inhale wall debris: Check.

Agonize over paint chips: Check.

Remove old caulk: Check.

Scrape knuckles removing old caulk: Check.

Discover unpainted wood under caulk: Check.

Discover unpainted/unprimed drywall behind commode: Check.

Remove more old caulk: Check.

Scrape knuckles again removing old caulk: Check.

Curse: Check.

Shoo away curious bystanders: Check.

Find bandaids: Check.

Agonize over blue and gray paint chips: Check.

Dust: Check.

Inhale dust: Check.

Cough: Check.

Remember that you meant to add dust masks to your Home Depot shopping list: Check.

Vacuum: Check.

Remember Smurfy blue childhood bedroom: Check.

Decide that a Smurfy blue paint color would not be suitable for the bathroom: Check.

Remove Smurfy blue paint chips from consideration: Check.

Pick a medium gray-blue paint color: Check.

Realize that your step-stool won’t fit in tub to reach old caulk on top: Check.

Curse: Check.

Scrape old caulk from top of tub while balancing on the side: Check.

Scrape knuckles while removing old caulk: Check.

Curse: Check. Check.

Find more bandaids: Check.

Change mind over paint chips: Check.

Shoo away curious bystanders: Check.

Fill holes in wall: Check.

Sand joint compound: Check.

Inhale dried particulate joint compound newly sanded from wall: Check.

Cough: Check.

Remember that you forgot to buy dust masks again: Check.

Remember fondly the inhaler that isn’t sold over the counter any more: Check.

Scrape knuckles on sanding block: Check.

Look in vain for bandaids: Check.

Curse: Check. Check. Checkity. CHECK. CHEEEEEEECK!!!!1!!!!

Scare away bystanders: Check.

Watch Decoded marathon: Check.

Decide that there are a lot of strange theories about the Statue if Liberty: Check.

Pick a light gray-blue paint color: Check.

Buy paint: Check.

Caulk around tub and baseboards: Check.

Open paint can: Check.

Discover that paint in can doesn’t match paint chip: Check.

Decide that paint will match paint chip when dry: Check.

Cut in paint: Check.

Discover that paint edger failed about halfway through cutting in and that there is paint on the ceiling: Check.

Discover that dry paint doesn’t match paint chip: Check.

Curse: Check.

Curse Home Depot: Check.

Curse Home Depot receipt that explicitly states that they don’t accept returns on paint for any reason: Check.

Curse cute, seemingly helpful guy behind paint department counter at Home Depot: Check.

Discover the paint color, when dry, is almost exactly the Smurfy blue color you didn’t want: Check.

Decide to finish painting Wednesday after a trip to Wal-Mart for more supplies: Check.

Decide to debate repainting to a new non-Smurfy blue later after decor is reinstalled and bathroom has been lived in for a month: Check.

Hope that the color won’t appear so Smurfy after the decor is installed: Check.

Blog: Check.