Koi, Work In Progress

Do you ever get an idea then sit on it for a long time, just allowing it to swirl and simmer and shape on its own in your head? I don’t. Typically, as soon as I get an idea, I write it down and think it to a slow death. By nature, I plan and list. Oh, planning and listing are both well and good, but I think that sometimes my projects lose something amid all the planning and listing.

I’m trying to be a little more reckless in my projects, and not plan them to death.

I’ve been brewing about a project for some time. Oh, I have plans and lists, but it isn’t something I’ve thought out completely. So I’ve decided to go ahead and start it, without knowing exactly how I’m going to finish it. I’m working on a quilted koi wall hanging.

The koi wall hanging at fig+fence by Janet Millsapps.

The koi wall hanging's top right now, with my crayon-colored drawing and notes I've made.

I’ve just finished turning the applique pieces and I’m ready to glue everything down, applique him, and embroider his whiskers. I accidentally made all of the applique pieces backwards. Oops.

The koi wall hanging at fig+fence by Janet Millsapps.

I'm testing beads out to see which I'll use in the water.

I love the colors of this. I haven’t decided yet what beads I’m going to use in the water, if any. I think I’ll wait until I’ve quilted the whole thing before I do that.