Something Different

I now interrupt your regularly scheduled quilt blogging for a brief announcement: I’ve finished the balsa boxes!

The balsa box at fig+fence.


I love the pink one. It’s a little dark. And fun. And creepy. And slightly off in some indefinable way.

The balsa box at fig+fence.

I love the wallpaper-like scrapbook paper on the lid.

The balsa box at fig+fence.

The butterfly box… I’m so into butterflies right now.

I will admit that the butterfly one is my favorite.

The balsa box at fig+fence.

The butterfly box is very feminine and strong.

It’s soft without heading into the dreaded cute territory.

The numbers on the top represent wire gauge numbers: The boxes are for my mother and she’s going to use them to keep scrap 20 and 22 gauge wire in them.

I learned so much about Mod Podge on this project. The biggest lesson is simple: don’t over-use Mod Podge. Less is definitely more when it comes to top coats.

Also, Mod Podge top coats will dry pretty fast… but they take a little longer to cure. The difference? A cured top coat will be tough as nails. A dry top coat will be safe to touch gently, but will stick to other dry Mod Podged items if left touching for too long. How I know this is a story better left untold.

A Quote in a Collage?

How shocking! Shocking, I tell you.

I finished the mixed media flower collage I’ve been working on. The first iteration of it is up in the header image on this blog. Here is the final 12″ x 12″ version, framed.

It is paper, twine, metal, embroidery floss, wool-felt, and buttons glued to paper.

The quote at the top is the ever-popular one from Flavia (I don’t know who she is, and the internet – even Wikipedia – failed me mightily when I looked): “You are part of all that surrounds you. Celebrate your connection to the beauty and mystery of life.” Pretty sentiment.

I like the composition; I wish I’d made the quote a little more prominent and given some of the elements a little more depth. Overall, I’m happy with it. It’s pretty on the entrance table with my basket of rock eggs. Success!

UPDATE 3/18/2012 9PM: That picture above kept bothering me. The more I looked at it, the more it bothered me. The composition was off slightly. I finally figured out what was wrong: the twine flower (on the top left) is quite a bit lower than it is supposed to be. The glue stuck to the paper great. It didn’t stick to the twine, and the twine flower was just hanging there by a few tendrils a few inches below where it’s supposed to be.  As soon as I find a glue that will stick to garden twine, I’ll fix it and post a new pic.

I now conclude this important collage update.