My Tomato Dreams

My Tomato Market Sign that will never be.

Not to be, alas.

I can’t wait for Summer. Our Winter hasn’t been bad here (knock on wood) in Georgia. The coldish damp is just making me antsy for sunshine. I want real sunshine, not the pale imitation thereof to which we’ve been subjected for the last few months.

If I can’t have sunshine, at least I can plan for sunshine. In this area, the promise of sunshine can mean only one thing: tomato planting season.

I’m dreaming of a tomato bumper crop. It probably won’t happen; the last two years we planted tomatoes, they were gobbled up (greens and all) by deer. It was heartbreaking. I’m not sure I want to go through all the hassle and business associated with deer-proofing a tomato garden (been there, done that, never worked). So I’m planting the next best things this year: squash and cucumber.

Deer don’t like squash and cucumber. Before maturing, they both have little prickly nubs on them that hurt deer mouths. I’ve planted both here successfully (and boy, how – I planted cucumbers so successfully one year we had to pickle most of them). I’m hoping to repeat that year’s crop this year.

Still, I do miss my tomatoes.