Quilt Show Weekend

Mom and I went to the Georgia Quilt Show at Gwinnett Center Saturday. It was great: quilt inspiration and shopping under one big roof with clean bathrooms! What more could a quilter want?

Aside from wanting a Taco Bell inside Gwinnett Center, I can’t think of anything. This is not a strike against Gwinnett Center; by my estimation, any building can be improved by an addition of a Taco Bell. Luckily for us, Discover Mills Mall was close by with a handy Taco Bell. (Though, no clean bathrooms in that mall… It used to be a wonderful mall, but it has really deteriorated since I lived in that neighborhood. Shame.)

But you didn’t come here for my (admittedly verbose) Theory of Building Improvement via Taco Bell and Clean Bathrooms. You came for the pretty quilt pictures. I have ‘em. Here you go.

At the Georgia Quilt Show

Not a rug, a quilt! I loved the design of this one. Clever.

At the Quilt Show 2

I loved the traditional quilt blocks in the bright colors. Gorgeous! That black band across the bottom of the quilt is the rope used to keep people away from the quilt, not a part of the quilt itself.

At the Quilt Show 3

And now, for something completely different. This one is just lovely. I love how the designer alternated appliqued blocks with embroidered blocks and echo quilted around them all.

At the Quilt Show 4

This is a whole cloth quilt in a very striking purple/blue. The quilting on this is amazing.

At the Quilt Show 5

This is a detail of the whole cloth quilt above. I hope I can quilt like that someday!

At the Quilt Show 6

This is a detail of a green and yellow quilt. I love the wavy quilting around the square Celtic knot. Does anyone know what that’s called? I can’t find a reference for it.

I spent most of my time (and money) at the Primitive Gatherings booth. I wanted everything. I settled for buying some bundles of miscellaneous wool and a wall hanging kit, From the Bittersweet Vine. It has a pumpkin, sunflowers, a crow, and embroidery. Of course I love it; with that combination of themes, I could not not love it.

When I returned home and looked at everything, I realized that my worst fears had been realized: I didn’t buy enough wool. I blame inexperience. It was my first quilt show and I just didn’t know any better. Next time I’ll seriously stock up when I can be there to touch it.

It is so hard to find wool in this area. (Maybe it’s because we’re in the South?) The local quilt shops just don’t carry it. At least I can order it online now that I’ve experienced the wonderful quality of Primitive Gatherings’ wool.

Anyway. I’m going to make the wall hanging next Spring. I just don’t have time to do it right now. In between fighting off the Worm Horde, finishing the already large project list, making presents, avoiding the news, cleaning, cooking, working, and gaming, I just don’t have time for another project.

Stag Runner: The New Plan

I’ve finished piecing the stag runner. I love the colors and I’m really excited about how it looks. Here’s a super close-up of one end.

A Close-up of the Winter Stag Table Runner

Winter Stag Table Runner End Detail.

Shyeah. That green fabric is my most favorite fabric in the universe. Ever. Seriously. It’s carrot cupcakes, Taco Bell, golden petunias, HP calculators, Juki sewing machines, and Kingman Turquoise all rounded up, mixed, and smashed flat into one splendid green-monotoned, cabbage-rosed fabric.

It’s “Through the Seasons with Eleanor Burns” for Benartex, Style 1164. I’ve bought this print in three different colorways. By far, the green monotone is my favorite. I can’t find any more of it. After I finish the stag table runner, I’ll have about a fat quarter left of it. It’s driving me crazy, because it’s such a wonderful print and I can’t find it anywhere.


The Winter Stag Table Runner test by Janet Millsapps @ fig+fence.

Here’s what the end of the table runner will look like after I applique the stag on it. That’s a paper template on top of it.

I’ve already attempted to applique it once. The results were not inspiring. I used the same method I used for my koi wall hanging to turn the fabric and it didn’t work at all. So. I’m going to have to use sewable fusable interfacing and a satin stitch around the outside to finish it. It’s not my preferred choice, and I wouldn’t use it at all on a quilt. But I figure that the feel of the table runner isn’t as important as the detail and accuracy of the stag outlines; it’s OK that it’ll be a little stiff on the ends.

I rarely use this method, so I thought it was best to practice appliqueing the stag.

The Winter Stag Practice Block

Here’s where I’m at with the practice stag. I haven’t sewn around the outside yet.

If this turns out well, it may find itself onto a wall hanging. I love the background fabric.

I’m very glad I decided to practice this method with the same fabrics I’m using in the table runner. I found out that the white fabric I planned on using for the stag is too lightweight: I can see the background fabric through it plainly. So, I have to find some thicker white fabric for the stags. Still, the test piece will be good practice, so I’m going ahead with it.