Snow Stag: New Plan Redux

Alternate Title: AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!! … in which I change my game plan yet again.


The Snow Stag Table Runner Plan 2 is dust. Three cheers for Plan 3!

Yesterday I tried sewing a satin stitch around some random fused shapes on scrap fabric. The results were not inspiring.

Test scraps. Oy.


The pants shaped one took almost an hour to complete. One. Hour. Let’s digest that as we look at the size of the pants shaped scrap in relation to the real project, shall we?

Size comparison. Ha!

…at this point I curled up in fetal position and whimpered pitifully…

Cue Psycho shower scene music.

Clearly, I’m not using this method for the sample or the table runner. I have work to do before Christmas: I have to make some pin cushions for my favorite client. I have to design some fabric for a Spoonflower competition. I have to make Christmas presents for my parents. I want to make new stockings and possibly a tree skirt. I have to cook a birthday dinner, a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas Eve supper, and a Christmas morning brunch. I want to bake cookies for family. I want to add to my stuffed bird collection. I want to clean the house at least twice before the holidays. I want to clear the garage. I have to continue designing fabric and wallpaper for my Spoonflower shop. I have to continue designing items for my CafePress shop. I want to do a thousand little things for the holidays that I haven’t fully explored. I know that I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I want that to change!

And during all of this, I want to remain sane.

I don’t think I can remain sane and spend thirty hours sewing these stags plus do all of the above. So. New plan!

I’m going to paint the white stags on the sample and the table runner using the same method I used when I painted the skull on my saucy apron.

Also: I can’t decide between Snow Stag and Winter Stag. Same project, changing names.

Completion of the Saucy Apron

I guess it’s saucy. It’s a pink camo apron with a winking skull on it. The skull has a black bow perched jauntily on the side of its head. Pretty saucy, I think.

I finished the saucy apron! I have proof:

Here I am modeling the saucy apron... in the most vanilla kitchen ever.

Modeling issues aside, I like the apron. It’s useful; it’s fun; it’s sassy; and it’s just stinkin’ cute.

Here’s the detail of the painted skull.

It's a skull winking at you. You know you want to wink right back.

I’m still not sure why the paint wrinkled the fabric. Weird. Still, in total it’s a success! I’m making another, similar apron for a pattern and tutorial. I’ll figure out the wrinkling fabric paint by then.