The Easy Friday List, May 18

It’s Friday! Aren’t you happy? I’d be happier if I were at Quilt Market right now. But otherwise, I have no complaints. The weekend is practically here, the weather is gorgeous, there’s a sale this weekend at my favorite local quilt shop, and I’m starting a new feature here at the blog. Plenty of reason to celebrate.

It’s called the Easy Friday List: This is my weekly list (posted every Friday) of items that have made my life easier in some measurable way these last seven days. Maybe they can make your life easier too.

My monster pin cushion: I made it from scraps left over from a lap quilt I made my mother a few years ago for Christmas. It’s useful. It’s colorful. It’s enormous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pin cushion this big before. Take a look.


The Really Big Pin Cushion

It's big. It's really, really, big.

It’s 6” x 6” x 2”. Before I made this honker, I was constantly losing my pin cushion. I have no idea why, but it usually ended up under the table. Perhaps the house elves moved it during the night. It’s the only reasonable explanation I can think of for the mysterious moving of my little pin cushion.

Or, you know, I probably knocked it off the table and then kicked it under there accidentally while I was sewing.

I prefer the house elf explanation. I think that the monster pin cushion is too heavy for our house elves – it stays where I put it.

My back pillow: If you aren’t comfortable when you sew, you’re not going to sew. It’s that simple. I’m sewing more (and saving my back!) because of this thing. And it’s cute!

Stickies: Oh, really.

Some people call them Post-It Notes.

My desk, where I keep organized with the little yellow square stickies. I stick them everywhere I can find space.

[Pay no attention to the red plastic cup by my monitor. Yes, I am part redneck; how did you know? Sigh.]

Hello topic: Sticky notes are powerful tools of organization. I’d be lost without them.

The Hard Chair Blues

Hard dining room chairs aren’t really meant for long sewing sessions.

I’ve been sewing so much lately that I’m killing my back. I’m trying to improve my posture as I sew and type, but the lack of lower back support in the craft room (at the dining room table) isn’t helping my posture. So I made a pillow cover.

Oh, I’ve been using a pillow at my lower back, but the stinking thing moves and shifts and falls and by the time I’ve sewn for an hour, I’m so frustrated by it that I’ve thrown it on the floor. End result: I’m slumped over the sewing machine once more, frustrated by both my lower back aches and the stupid pillow.

My solution was to make a standard 18″ decorative pillow cover and add ties to the side so I could tie it to the back rails of the chair. Here’s a picture of my sewing area with the pillow in place:

Pretty, pretty pain relief. (I love long fringe on pillows.)

It closes in the back with Velcro so I can wash the thing when I spill something on it. I will spill something on it. I’ve learned that it pays to plan for that which is inevitable. Thus, there is the opening in the back so I won’t have to wash the pillow form terribly often. Because that pillow cover? It’ll be washed weekly. I know these things.