Bed Dressing

Alternate title: I guess I’m gonna have to make the bed every day now, huh?

I’m making a quilted bed scarf. It’s a nine patch variation I’m calling the Argyle Nine Patch; it probably has an official name somewhere, but I don’t know it and couldn’t find it.

The Argyle Nine Patch by Janet Millsapps at fig+fence.

Here's the picture of it, minus the binding.

I’ve been hoarding fabric from Moda’s Etchings collection forever. And I mean forever; they don’t print that fabric anymore. I was lucky enough to find some of it on clearance at Hancock’s of Paducah recently. So I have quite a stash of it; I’ve been saving it for something special and this is it.

Some blue fabric from the Etchings collection.

Some blue fabric from the Etchings collection.

I love this fabric.

Some white fabric from the Etchings collection.

Some white fabric from the Etchings collection.

Seriously gorgeous.

I’m going to quilt it by machine. I haven’t decided if I’m going all out FMQ or if I’m doing straight lines with a walking foot. We’ll see when I get a little further along. Right now, I’m still cutting out fabric.

Making a quilt at fig+fence.

... in the process of cutting 6.5 inch squares from gray fabric.

After I’m finished with this bed scarf, I’m going to expand the size a bit and make a whole quilt in the same pattern using fabric from my three Butterfly collections at Spoonflower: Butterflies on Blue, Butterflies on Yellow, and Butterflies on Gray. (I’m still working on those collections… more designs, a free quilt pattern, and a notice of when it’s all complete, probably this Autumn or Winter.) So busy!

Bright Summer Fern

I have fern seeds. I am invisible.

I love ferns – it’s something I get from my mother. We used to have a wrap around porch she smothered with hanging ferns. It was gorgeous. I’d love to do that again. Alas, I have no porch.

Remembering those lush ferns from when we lived in Summerville, I designed and made Mom a fern wall hanging last Christmas.

The fern wall hanging, sitting on the mantle.

I love the hot colors against the dark green background. The fern fabric is a batik I bought at Tiny Stitches more than a year ago. I love that fabric and I wish I’d bought more. The background is a rose print of dark greens and black. Also wish I’d bought more of that. It’s good for so many things.

There’s a lesson there, I think. “Fabric hoarding is good and useful.” Or something like that. At  least, there’s a true and honest reason I can use to justify my stash.