The Easy Friday List – May 25

This is my weekly list (posted every Friday) of items that have made my life easier in some measurable way these last seven days. Maybe they can make your life easier too.

Glass jars: It’s confession time here: I collect glass jars. I collect used glass jars. You know that jar you threw away when you finished eating all the strawberry jelly? I keep that jar.

I come by this genetically: my grandma collected used plastic butter tubs for used lard storage and my father collects used plastic creamer tubs for nail storage in the garage. I collect glass jars for sewing notion storage. Mostly. And I glue pretty paper to their lids.

Janet Millsapps' glass jars for sewing notion storage

I think they're pretty and I don't know why I feel slightly defensive about it. And shyeah, sometimes I'll buy Brand X instead of Brand Y because Brand X has a better jar.

I have yet to glue pretty paper to the ones missing lids. My paper-crafting space is the same space as my sewing space and I’m busy sewing right now. But glass jars are so useful, they don’t even need lids.

Does your sewing machine oil bottle not stay upright properly? Does the stopper thingie on the top of your sewing machine oil bottle not stop oil when the bottle lays on its side? Put it in a glass jar.

Have you inherited buttons from your mama, nanny, and great-granny? Put them in a jar.

Do you buy and hoard buttons like all the females in your maternal line? Put them in a jar.

Do you not know what to do with bent pins and dull sewing machine needles? Put them in a jar.

Do you hoard little packets of desiccant because you like to put two in your basting safety pin tin and you don’t want to throw away the remainder? Put them in a jar.

Do you have a collection of broken vintage jewelry that you plan on using someday for something but you don’t really know for what yet? Put them in a jar.

They’re pretty, they’re useful, and they keep all that glass out of landfills! Without glass jars, I’d be afloat in little packets of desiccant, coins, bent pins, dull sewing machine needles, bacon drippings, buttons, sewing machine oil, broken vintage jewelry, and rocks.

My fish sketchbook cover: It’s seriously simple, but I’m no longer searching for my lead holder and my sketchbook will no longer suffer bent corners from being tossed around in my purse. And it’s stinking’ cute. Bonus!

Any Excuse Will Do

Do you have one? An excuse. I collect them almost as much as I collect fabric.

I really don’t need an excuse to use up my monstrous fabric hoard stash. I just like making stuff. And when I make stuff, I can then go out and get more fabric to hoard store until I find an excuse to make more stuff. It’s a circle of life type of thing. I find it very moving on both a philosophical and a competitive level.

Onward to the latest excuse: My sketchbooks. I have two. I keep one in my purse and one by my bed. (They are ugly 3.5″ x 5″ paper and cardboard things from Strathmore.) The one I’ve been carrying around in my purse is getting beat up. Also, I’ve been having a hard time finding my lead holder in my monster sized purse. And I’m constantly worried that it’s going to break.  So I decided to make a cover for the sketchbook that has a pencil holder attached. Here’s the result (click a picture to make it big).

The fish sketchbook cover. The finished size is about 4" x 6".

I love it. Here’s another view where you can see the lead holder/pencil holder.

The upsidedown fish sketchbook cover.

I love it so much I’m making another for the sketchbook by my bed when I get my Spoonflower fabric in. Here’s what it looks like open.

The open cover.

I love the green and blue wave pattern on the inside fabric. I think I bought it at Joann’s after making something else. The details are a little unclear, a common problem during a fabric purchasing frenzy.