Completion of the Saucy Apron

I guess it’s saucy. It’s a pink camo apron with a winking skull on it. The skull has a black bow perched jauntily on the side of its head. Pretty saucy, I think.

I finished the saucy apron! I have proof:

Here I am modeling the saucy apron... in the most vanilla kitchen ever.

Modeling issues aside, I like the apron. It’s useful; it’s fun; it’s sassy; and it’s just stinkin’ cute.

Here’s the detail of the painted skull.

It's a skull winking at you. You know you want to wink right back.

I’m still not sure why the paint wrinkled the fabric. Weird. Still, in total it’s a success! I’m making another, similar apron for a pattern and tutorial. I’ll figure out the wrinkling fabric paint by then.