The Flower Queen

I have been working madly on my new fabric collection at Spoonflower, the Flower Queen. I’ve been working on it so much that I’ve pretty much dropped the ball on everything else. Oy. You might call it an obsession.

I haven’t been crafting. I haven’t been sewing. I haven’t kept in contact with family. I haven’t kept in contact with friends. I haven’t blogged. (You might have noticed that.) It’s completely eclipsed everything else (except for a small, somewhat serious bug I picked up somewhere last week – the less said of that, the better we’ll all feel).

Anyway, now that the main design of the collection is complete, I’m free to get back to my regular schedule. It’s time for quilting the Etchings Argyle Nine Patch Bed Scarf! Yay!

Yay? Sniff. I’ve been putting it off, honestly. The Flower Queen collection was just a somewhat convenient excuse for procrastination. This quilted bed scarf is the first serious bit of free motion quilting I’ll attempt. If I were wearing boots, I’d be shaking in them.

I hate being chicken.


Cute Kills

Previously: I was not a fan of cute.

Currently: I’m still not. Mostly. Though, there are exceptions, I’ve discovered.

The cupcake vampire by Janet Millsapps @ fig+fence.

In Soviet Russia, cupcake eats you!*

This cupcake vampire design was the reason why I made that cupcake batch a few weekends ago. Here is a newly discovered Path to Cravings: If I draw a deliciously cute baked item, I will crave a deliciously cute baked item. (And Taubes weeps.)

That cupcake is for sale on multiple items over at my CafePress shop. And it is featured on a fabric design at my Spoonflower shop. I think I’m making an apron with it.

*I keep thinking about Yakov Smirnoff when I think of this cupcake. I think it’s because it reminds me a bit of old Soviet propaganda.