Forget Fall

I’m thinking about Winter.

A sneak peek at my Winter collection at fig+fence.

Brrrr. I want it to snow this year. I need it to snow this year.


What is up with me and greenish blue lately? It’s all I’m thinking about. I painted my bathroom greenish blue. The Etchings Argyle Nine Patch quilt top I just finished had lots of greenish blue in it. My new blog design has a ton of greenish blue. All of my new fabric designs for Spoonflower involve some sort of greenish blue. And now I’m working on CafePress items with greenish blue. I think I’m in a color rut.

I think that it’s time for some red and green in that new Winter collection at Spoonflower.

Bed Dressing

Alternate title: I guess I’m gonna have to make the bed every day now, huh?

I’m making a quilted bed scarf. It’s a nine patch variation I’m calling the Argyle Nine Patch; it probably has an official name somewhere, but I don’t know it and couldn’t find it.

The Argyle Nine Patch by Janet Millsapps at fig+fence.

Here's the picture of it, minus the binding.

I’ve been hoarding fabric from Moda’s Etchings collection forever. And I mean forever; they don’t print that fabric anymore. I was lucky enough to find some of it on clearance at Hancock’s of Paducah recently. So I have quite a stash of it; I’ve been saving it for something special and this is it.

Some blue fabric from the Etchings collection.

Some blue fabric from the Etchings collection.

I love this fabric.

Some white fabric from the Etchings collection.

Some white fabric from the Etchings collection.

Seriously gorgeous.

I’m going to quilt it by machine. I haven’t decided if I’m going all out FMQ or if I’m doing straight lines with a walking foot. We’ll see when I get a little further along. Right now, I’m still cutting out fabric.

Making a quilt at fig+fence.

... in the process of cutting 6.5 inch squares from gray fabric.

After I’m finished with this bed scarf, I’m going to expand the size a bit and make a whole quilt in the same pattern using fabric from my three Butterfly collections at Spoonflower: Butterflies on Blue, Butterflies on Yellow, and Butterflies on Gray. (I’m still working on those collections… more designs, a free quilt pattern, and a notice of when it’s all complete, probably this Autumn or Winter.) So busy!

The Easy Friday List, June 29

This is my weekly list (posted every Friday) of items that have made my life easier in some measurable way these last seven days. Maybe they can make your life easier too. Friday should be easy, right?

Thimbles: Thimbles. Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimbles. Use ‘em; they save fingers.

Martha Stewart: I know she was on last week’s list, but she has saved my sanity these past two weeks. Or at least, her shelves did. Here’s another look at the miracle of the studio…

The fig+fence studio.


I know today is the second day in a row that I’ve shown you this picture. I promise not to do so again for a few days. At least, I’ll definitely skip tomorrow.

Red Adult-sized Sippy Cups: (Pictured above in the gorgeous studio. Still makes me giggle.) Hydration is important. Plus, it is stupid hot here. (I thought I should mention the sippy cup because that thing gets its picture on this blog more than I do. And… hydration is important.)

Fray Check: I love Fray Check. I use it on practically every non-wearable woven fabric craft I make. I know it smells horrible at first, but after about a week, it goes away.

Spoonflower: Do you know how expensive it is to print your own fabric by traditional means? I can’t afford those kinds of upfront costs. Spoonflower lets me print on demand. Hooray!

They have weekly contests – I’ve entered one for the very first time. The theme is “stars and stripes.” My entry features a patriotic bear and buffalo. I love the way this design turned out. If you like it too, and if you’re a Spoonflower member, go vote! (On me? Please?) Here’s a peek at my entry.

All-American Bear and Buffalo fabric by fig+fence at Spoonflower.

It'll have a half-drop repeat.

At first I was only going to do this one print for the contest, but I love it so much I’m going to add two or three coordinates to make a collection. If you want to vote, head on over to Spoonflower. Beware, though – there’s 21 pages of entries! Phew!