Cute Kills

Previously: I was not a fan of cute.

Currently: I’m still not. Mostly. Though, there are exceptions, I’ve discovered.

The cupcake vampire by Janet Millsapps @ fig+fence.

In Soviet Russia, cupcake eats you!*

This cupcake vampire design was the reason why I made that cupcake batch a few weekends ago. Here is a newly discovered Path to Cravings: If I draw a deliciously cute baked item, I will crave a deliciously cute baked item. (And Taubes weeps.)

That cupcake is for sale on multiple items over at my CafePress shop. And it is featured on a fabric design at my Spoonflower shop. I think I’m making an apron with it.

*I keep thinking about Yakov Smirnoff when I think of this cupcake. I think it’s because it reminds me a bit of old Soviet propaganda.